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Tash Dutra, Executive Director 

The AEFTP organization is managed by our Executive Director, Tash Dutra.  Tash studied in 2012 at Ashram Yoga New Zealand to become a 500-hour certified Yoga Instructor and recently completed her training as an EFT Practitioner.  She lives with her family at Pauanui Beach, New Zealand where she enjoys her life as a full-time super mum and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Applied Science with a double major in Psychology and Communication.

Tash is a passionate advocate for EFT and its unlimited potential to heal and transform the lives of many. Her mission is to share EFT with the world. She does this through her passion and drive to empower EFT practitioners in sharing this gift. 




Deborah Lindsey - AEFTP Advisory Board ChairmanDeborah Lindsey, Advisory Board Chairman

Deborah Lindsey is the founder of the Online EFT Certification Program, President of the International Metaphysical University, and Advisory Board Chairman for AEFTP.  She has been established as a professional EFT practitioner since 2000 and has had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients throughout her distinguished career.  In 2002, Deborah began certifying new EFT practitioners through live workshops, from which the multitude of her professionally trained students also number into the thousands.

In 2012, Deborah pioneered the Online EFT Certification Program - a premier online teaching course that would change the face of EFT practitioner training forever.  For the first time, students could obtain their EFT training & certification in a fully comprehensive online academic environment, instead of simply attending a weekend workshop.  This method provided a learning environment very much like the ones employed by some of the largest universities and colleges today.  Through this online training model, EFT students from all over the world could now have affordable access to high-quality EFT practitioner training. 




Robin WatkinsRobin J. Watkins, Director of Technology

Robin J. Watkins is the technological genius behind AEFTP.  She is a digital communications specialist, digital media educator, and the Director of Communications for the International Metaphysical University.  She holds a B.S. in Music Engineering Technology from Hampton University, an M.A. in Communication (Editing for Cinema/TV) from Regent University, and is currently working towards an MFA in Digital Arts at Goucher College.

Through her consulting firm, Whatever Media, she helps small businesses, nonprofits, and rising artists achieve their goals by developing digital media solutions.  Robin calls herself a digital nomad, working remotely from locations all over the world. 

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