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“Living self empowered, soul directed, purpose driven and thriving with your authentic self makes you the most powerful you possible” – Jade Inspiration

Nothing is more true than knowing you are worthy, good enough and powerful enough to live your life by your terms, your code, your vision.  When you tap into, develop and embrace your spiritual badass, you can make anything happen.  If you’re feeling stuck in your life right now, or you are ready to make a big change in your life but it feels too hard or too daunting, I have good news for you.  You are already capable enough, strong enough, wise enough and heart driven enough to make it all happen, starting now.  What if you knew it, believed it and put your authentic power into action, today?  Freedom.

Perhaps feeling stuck feels like overwhelm, self defeating or just not you.  So what keeps you stuck?  Here are a few possibilities….


Still looking for your ideal relationship

Lacking self-confidence, low self esteem

Struggling with guilt, grief or fear

Overwhelmed, stressed

Unsatisfied with your career or job

Procrastinating, unable to make decisions

Bored, uninterested and unmotivated

Going through difficult life changes

Not feeling valued or respected

Do you ever feel stuck and not able to move forward towards the life you desire?

Maybe you’re going through a transition in your life and struggling with saying yes to your life purpose, or letting go of past experiences and fears. Maybe you are ready for a change in your career, relationships, health and fitness or you just want to feel good about yourself and life again.

Together, you and I will help you breakthrough your blocks to your best life.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or to set up a 15 minute free Discovery Session.  Contact me at jade@jadeinspiration.com

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Childhood Trauma
Conscious Creation
Emotional Distress
Fears / Phobias
Finance / Abundance
Life Purpose
Peak Performance
Public Speaking
Additional Training or Certifications
Energy Medicine
Law of Attraction Training
Life Coaching
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Wisdom beyond her years!Excellent!
"When you first meet Jade, whether in person or online, the first thing you will notice is her enthusiasm and love for life. It authentically shines in her smile and resonates in her voice. Jade is a truly beautiful person and a light that is much needed in this world. Whether in person, […]
Jade helped me change my perspective in a powerful way.
"Jade has been incredibly valuable to me in both my personal and professional life. When things were starting to look a little bleak in my career, she absolutely lived up to her name (Inspiration!) and got me through those challenging times. She has a gift of lifting you up when you are d […]
Jade truly cares about you,through and through
“Jade is a true multidimensional force of the universe – not only as a coach but as an amazing speaker and soul. She doesn’t just talk the talk but she walks the walk. Jade has had an amazing journey in life which really shows in our sessions as she speaks from the heart and her true expe […]
You have changed my life!Thank you Jade
“My name is Greg Bunton. I work full time at CSULB and have landscaping business which I’ve had for the past 25yrs. At times I wanted to try and grow the business but I had my fears and doubts and concerns as anyone would when it came to starting or growing a business and how do I go abou […]
You're amazing Jade
“Everything just felt off…no energy, no focus, constant pain everywhere in my body, anxiety, stress…the best way I can sum it up is I just felt lifeless, exhausted & completely overwhelmed. It was at this point that a friend handed me a copy of The Tapping Solution & put me in con […]
I have increased drive and motivation...
"Jade is amazing! She has helped me so much with both my personal growth and my business outlook. Her intuition is spot on, and her genuine compassion is heartfelt. Through the use of EFT and other methods, Jade has helped me work through several blocks that were unknown to me. I have mor […]
I am well on my way to my own successful career...
"I can't say enough about Jade Inspiration and how much of a positive force she has been in my life!..She has this way about her of making you feel like there is nothing you can't accomplish, no goal is too big or out of reach..Jade not only inspires you to attain your goals and realize y […]
Deborah Lindsey
"As an instructor, I am struck by the enthusiasm and heart that Jade puts into her work as an EFT Practitioner. She is deeply devoted to helping people and is highly skilled in her art. She is a precious gem for those seeking healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Deborah Lindsey […]