Review: You have changed my life!Thank you Jade


“My name is Greg Bunton. I work full time at CSULB and have landscaping business which I’ve had for the past 25yrs. At times I wanted to try and grow the business but I had my fears and doubts and concerns as anyone would when it came to starting or growing a business and how do I go about doing this. I really hit a road block until I had the opportunity meet and talk on the phone with Jade. She really opened my eyes to what I needed to do to make this happen. She asked me all the right questions and helped me to fill in the blanks on how I can go about building my business. She steered me in the direction I needed to go. She opened my eyes to all the positive things and took away my fears and concerns. In other words she set me up for success and got me on the right path to grow my business. And at this time my business is growing with just a few ideas Jade gave me in order to make this happen. She gave me the confidence I needed to make it happen. And the part I really like is Jade will be following up with me to make sure I stay on track and meet the goals she and I set up for my success. Jade, I can’t Thank you enough for giving me the confidence and direction I need to make this happen. She really gave me all the tools I needed and opened my eyes to all the great opportunities I could have with this business. By the way this is the first time I have worked with a Life Coach. I would highly recommend Jade. Jade, once again Thank you so very much. You gave me the push over the top I need and I look forward to working with you and staying on track. You are the best.” Greg


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