Review: You're amazing Jade


“Everything just felt off…no energy, no focus, constant pain everywhere in my body, anxiety, stress…the best way I can sum it up is I just felt lifeless, exhausted & completely overwhelmed. It was at this point that a friend handed me a copy of The Tapping Solution & put me in contact with Jade. Always open to new modalities & literally having nothing to lose, I dove in. Can’t say that I expected much & I still can’t explain what I felt after my first session with Jade! It was incredible! How could a simple phone conversation & some tapping have this effect?! I felt clear & my legs felt alive. The only way I could describe the sensation was like ants marching in their straighter than straight lines in rows down my legs!!! The energy was intense & amazing. I don’t even know how to express my gratitude towards this incredible woman! Jade is such a beautiful soul! Her warmth & positive energy has made a world of difference for me & I could not be more thankful for the doors she has helped me open for myself. I feel like I now have the most simplest of tools to once again move forward & take control of my physical & emotional well-being. Endless Thank You For Your Time & Healing Energy Jade!!! xoxox” Nicole “Live Simply. Remain Grateful.”


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