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$500 monthly package with four 1-1 sessions
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An author of Decoding the Secrets of Joyful Living, I am a  Joyful Living/Soul Purpose Coach and an Energy Healer (EFT Practitioner.)

I am on a mission to work with spiritually-based women professionals and entrepreneurs who struggle with triggers and patterns, and who feel chronically overwhelmed, fearful, and frozen to take the actions they should be taking.

I help them remove the hidden blocks getting in their way, so they shift into feeling supported, nurtured, and energized, and start to take actions and contribute in a way that ignites them.

The main areas of Focus:

* Overwhelm, fear, cluttered mind

* Lack of emotional support, feeling unheard and unloved.

* Feeling frozen to take actions due to the unknown and uncertainty and other hidden reasons

* Low energy level from emerging health issues, after years of pushing and striving.

What I’ll support you to achieve:

* Unclutter the mind and feel calm and focused

* Shift to listen to your intuition instead of the fear.

* Let go of your need to control and allow the life-force to flow so you can receive.

* Clear and cleanse the buried old energies (emotions, thoughts, and limiting beliefs,) and reveal your true self and your soul purpose from the pains you experienced.

* Feel nurtured and energized to take actions and move on.

You are welcome to book a Getting to know you call for further information. Here is the link:

Thank you.

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Conscious Creation
Fears / Phobias
Finance / Abundance
Life Purpose
Peak Performance
Self Esteem
Weight Loss
Additional Training or Certifications
Law of Attraction Training
Life Coaching
Matrix Reimprinting
Optimal EFT