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Since 2008, Monette has offered a unique technique in energy healing for overall wellbeing and to relieve symptoms such as headaches/migraine, pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue.  Monette has a keen sense of identifying the root cause of her clients symptoms; and as a result can guide them by peeling off the layers to get to that root cause.

Depending on the needs of the client, she may use a single or integrate multiple healing modalities such as EFT, Reiki, etc. She is also very passionate about empowering her clients; she loves to provide them with information and tools to aid them in their healing.

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Childhood Trauma
Divorce / Breakup
Emotional Distress
Finance / Abundance
Life Purpose
Marriage / Relationships
Physical Pain Relief
Self Esteem
Teasing / Bullying
Weight Loss
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Energy Medicine
Life Coaching