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Movement, Mindfulness, and Mastery offers Health Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique and Yoga. I am Samantha, the founder, and am extremely passionate towards EFT in the fact that it saved my life back in 2012. I lost my mother suddenly, to cancer, unbeknownst to us in 2009 then my husband to suicide in 2010. Through the next couple years of desparate healing, all my education and research I was still¬† “stuck” and just knew if things didnt change there would be no hope. I was dying inside. I stumbled across IMU and took classes to help myself, in EFT. I went on to level 2 and received my Certification as a Practitioner. I dont know where I would be if it wasnt for EFT. There is a part of me that feels I wouldnt be here now. Because of my experience, gratitude, and passion I specialize in Grief and Suicide Survivors. It is my mission to guide and support you on your journey by connecting you to your power through EFT.

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