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When you work with me, it is never about “what is wrong with you.” Rather, it is an opportunity to release the things that block you – distorted programming, and the layers of limiting beliefs that keep you from expressing your true personal power and wonderful self.

As a Master EFT Practitioner and Coach (certified in both Health and Life Coaching) and, I help my clients emotionally heal. Healing is a creative and beautiful process that naturally intertwines mind, body, emotion, and spirit. Our spiritual and emotional needs are primary to physical healing, so you’ll experience and often surprised that healing happens on multiple levels.

When emotions from past traumas get “swept under the rug” by minimizing them or ignoring them – they get stuck. It doesn’t matter whether you consciously consider them big “T” Traumas or little “t” traumas, because (no matter which) when they are stuck, unwanted behavioral patterns and even physical symptoms can develop. Symptoms can show up in many forms: chronic pain, addictions, phobias, weight gain, unhealthy work ethic, a lack of energy, feeling overwhelmed, suffering relationships, and more. Any one of these symptoms are begging for your attention.

Join me in a Release-Renew Breakthrough Session to experience EFT and visit my website to learn more about my philosophy and read what my clients have to say.

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Addictions / Cravings
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Autoimmune Disorders
Childhood Trauma
Chronic Fatigue
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Divorce / Breakup
Emotional Distress
Fears / Phobias
Finance / Abundance
Life Purpose
Marriage / Relationships
Physical Pain Relief
Self Esteem
Weight Loss
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