Ruth Finlay EFT Tapping

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Ruth Finlay’s EFT tapping provides relief from emotional and physical pain.  EFT can quickly help people resolve long-term negative issues which cause emotional unhappiness, stress and anxiety. EFT can also assist people with chronic or actute pain in their physical body.  Ruth allows the client to talk freely and confidentially about the causes of their discomfort. She creates a safe environment for clients to relax and tap on their emotional and physical issues.  Ruth calls them “issues in the tissues”.

Areas of Expertise
Addictions / Cravings
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Birth Trauma
Childhood Trauma
Conscious Creation
Divorce / Breakup
Emotional Distress
Finance / Abundance
Life Purpose
Marriage / Relationships
Physical Pain Relief
Public Speaking
School / Test Taking
Self Esteem
Suicidal Thoughts
Weight Loss
Additional Training or Certifications
Applied Kinesiology / Muscle Testing