Review: What a wonderful experience.


As a person who has suffered with a few medical problems, turning to a medical doctor wasn’t enough. Taking handfuls of prescription pills daily did not always bring down my blood pressure or stabilize my blood sugars. So I opted for “extra” assistance to hopefully heal my medical issues. As life would have it, I so had the privilege of meeting Coralee Gall, a Certified EFT Practitioner in Wardner, BC. At our first session she made me feel welcome and at ease. She played calming music and spoke of the areas that I needed to “tap into” according to my physical needs/problem areas. I was amazed at how revealing and releasing it was. I found that my medical conditions were caused from earlier emotional blocks in my childhood. Coralee helped me unblock an issue that had been bothering me for many, many years. The ending affirmation that she had me repeat, after this magnificent treatment, is one I still use today. I now feel a sense of healing. My anxiety about my blood pressure has since been corrected (for the most part) and I feel very confident that through ongoing sessions with Coralee, we will be able to release any other remaining issues I may have surrounding my health and have them release through her expertise in EFT. She is so gentle and knowledgeable in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has medical or anxiety issues. Her therapy, in just a short time will give you amazing results. You will sleep better and greet each new day with confidence that you are healed.


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