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EFT Certification Training

Getting certified in EFT is an admirable and honorable undertaking. Learning and honing your craft is paramount to getting great results and becoming a truly great practitioner. The quality of the training you take, along with your distinguished position as an AEFTP accredited professional, gives you everything you need to be a successful and respected EFT professional practitioner.

EFT Certification comes in 3 levels.

Level 1 EFT Personal Certification

Level 1 Training is designed for personal use. In the Level 1 training you will learn how to use the basic tapping points and tapping protocols in your own life. In this training, you will do the real work of addressing your own issues while building a solid foundation for your practice. Level 1 Certification is not sufficient to work on others however.

Level 2 EFT Practitioner Certification

Level 2 Certification is professional certification. This builds on the foundation gleaned in Level 1 and teaches you how to begin working with others as a professional. Here you learn how to work with bothersome memories, cravings/addictions, pain, phobias, and more. By the end of the Level 2 certification training, you are able to open your practice and begin seeing clients as a professional.

Level 3 Master Certification

Level 3 Certification, also known as Master Training, takes your practice to a whole new level. In level 3 certification, you learn how to work on “Life Clients.” Life Clients are complex, complicated issues that are the bread and butter of any practice. In the Master training, you learn how to work with clients who need an advanced skillset to help them to get well.

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