AEFTP Membership Information

Membership Requirements

  • Completion of EFT Practitioner Training Levels 1 and 2 from a professionally recognized or accredited training program.  Please contact us at if you have any questions about your training program.
  • Passing score of 80% or higher on the AEFTP online EFT proficiency exam.  This is a timed 90-minute, 50-question exam to ensure sufficient fundamental knowledge of the tapping technique and how to successfully perform EFT with clients.  Exam criteria will encompass classic EFT tapping points, identifying SUDS, and exploring core issues, as well as the understanding of techniques such as Tearless Trauma, Tell the Story, the Movie Technique, Touch and Breathe, and the Choices Method.  The online exam is waived for those receiving their EFT training from the Center for EFT Studies.
  • Submit evidence of having successfully completed a minimum of 12 individual EFT sessions with at least 6 different people within the past 12 months.  These sessions can be in-person or Skype-based and can be either paying clients or those you have practiced with during your training.  Session documentation is conveniently submitted using our Online Session Notes Form and consists of the session date, the initials of the client you worked with, and a brief description of the session results.  For confirmation purposes, you will be asked to provide the first name, phone number, and email address of one client listed on the form.  The session notes are waived for those receiving their EFT training from the Center for EFT Studies.
  • A Skype-based, real-time, 30-minute interview with the AEFTP Executive Director or an AEFTP Board Member demonstrating your proficiency of EFT.  This assessment will encompass the performance testing of the basic skills and techniques included in the online exam through a simulated practitioner/client environment.  The online interview is waived for those receiving their EFT training from the Center for EFT Studies.
  • Electronic signature of the AEFTP Code of Ethics.

Membership Fees

Membership into the Association of EFT Professionals is open to all EFT practitioners who meet the minimum requirements.  The non-refundable AEFTP application fee is $35.  AEFTP Membership dues are just $65 annually.  This annual membership fee awards you the right to remain on the AEFTP Practitioner Directory, along with all of the exclusive benefits listed below!

Membership Benefits

When you attain your AEFTP membership, you earn the distinction of using the AEFTP seal & credentialing letters for increased recognition, and you will also be granted exclusive marketing opportunities such as being listed on our advanced Practitioner Directory, and publicly displayed video business cards on our website to promote your business.

  • Ongoing education for advancing your skills in the application of EFT and increasing your distinction through higher levels of credentialing.
  • Inclusion on our advanced AEFTP Practitioner Directory containing detailed search options of your unique services and areas of expertise, allowing more ideal clients & employers to easily connect with you.
  • Professional recognition of your training, credibility, and proven level of expertise backed by the Association.
  • Use of the AEFTP logo, seal, and credentialing letters for instant credibility and the branding of your established level of EFT proficiency.
  • Confidence in knowing that you are in exclusive company with fellow EFT practitioners who have achieved the same level of professional recognition.
  • Ability to interact, connect, and collaborate with other experienced Association Members from all over the world, sharing useful ideas and beneficial business building tips.
  • Access to the publicly displayed EFT Success Stories Forum to boost your confidence and recognition as a renowned EFT Practitioner.
  • Receive business exposure and automatic referrals from interested clients visiting the AEFTP website and Practitioner Directory.

Displaying Member Credentials

AEFTP credentialing letters are displayed after the initials representing the practitioner’s EFT certification. For example, a Level 2 practitioner certified at the Center for EFT studies would display their name as follows:

John Smith, cEFT2, AEFTP

A Level 3 Master practitioner certified at the Center for EFT studies would display their name as follows:

John Smith, cEFT Master, AEFTP

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