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With a rapidly growing interest in the holistic health fields and their healing methods, the need for professionally trained and credentialed practitioners has increased dramatically. This is especially true for those desiring to establish their own EFT practices or wishing to incorporate Emotional Freedom Techniques into their existing therapeutic practice. But some of the greatest obstacles to meeting these needs are the lack of accessible training, a scarcity of business building support, attaining credibility, and the inability to attract more ideal clients.
AEFTP is the solution! We offer an entire system for your learning, recognition, and business growth by establishing a new model that provides academic training and credentialing that is both accessible and affordable. Your membership in AEFTP also connects you to a global network of similarly recognized practitioners. Through this international affiliation, you will be able to gain tips for growing a successful EFT practice, share your experiences, receive referrals, and have access to incredible marketing opportunities to help you attract the perfect clients!

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