EFT Tapping Training & Certification

Get Certified in EFT Tapping Online!

Getting certified in EFT is an admirable and honorable undertaking. Learning and honing your craft is paramount to getting great results and becoming a truly great practitioner. The quality of the training you take, along with your distinguished position as an AEFTP accredited professional, gives you everything you need to be a successful and respected EFT professional practitioner.

The programs listed below offer 100% online training, allowing you to study at times that work for you and at your own pace. These training programs also provide payment plans, with no credit check required, to help make EFT certification affordable.

AEFTP Approved Training Providers

While membership into the Association of EFT Professionals is open to all EFT practitioners from a variety of EFT training programs, graduates from AEFTP’s Approved Training Providers are the pre-qualified to become AEFTP members.  Because of their comprehensive training, testing, and proficiency assessment criteria, successful graduates of these training programs will benefit from an expedited application process, bypassing the AEFTP online exam, session notes documentation, and the Skype-based proficiency interview.

Center for EFT Studies

Level 2 Practitioner Training
Level 3 Master Training

Australian Tapping Institute

Advanced EFT & Life Coach Practitioner Training