Below are real testimonials from our members that have had success with EFT:

My client overcame her fear of driving

My client is 21 years old and had such a fear of driving that she had never earned her license. Through a series of EFT sessions focusing on this fear, which was much deeper and more involved than just that of driving, we were able to work together to create a feeling of confidence and safety. For the first time in her life, she took her driving test last week – and PASSED! She is now practicing to drive on her own and continuing to grow on her healing journey.

Andrew W. Lukonis
EFT Science

A Struggling Creative Mind

Testimonial for Deanna:

Before I met Deanna I was feeling hopeless and in the midst of a health crisis. I had been to multiple doctors, a naturopath, an acupuncturist, and to the emergency room 3 times. All my labs came back normal. I was told that I had general weakness and anxiety and symptoms of PTSD and was referred to counseling. I felt so discouraged because I knew my symptoms were far beyond anything that talk therapy could resolve. I had horrible insomnia where I wouldn’t sleep for several days at a time, even after trying OTC and Rx medications. At age 46 I was staying at my parents’ house and having my parents drive me everywhere because I felt so weak and debilitated. It felt like nothing and no one could help me.

Then, my sister told me about Deanna. She had helped her overcome her fear of public speaking with EFT. I knew how amazing that was, but I was still skeptical that she could really help me. I had tried EFT videos on YouTube and while I could tell they offered some benefit, I didn’t see how ‘tapping’ could really heal me or help me get out of what felt like a deep dark hole. After some more encouragement, I agreed to meet Deanna. When we first connected, Deanna’s presence immediately put me at ease and I found myself surprised at how comfortable I felt opening up and sharing with her. She helped me better understand EFT as a healing tool and I decided to commit to exploring it with her. Each session was like peeling back old layers of wounding and trauma from my past. Deanna was always fully present with me and there to support me and guide me through whatever came up. She always amazed me with her ability to see and tap into the core issues I needed to heal and clear. With each session I could see and feel progress. To my surprise, I was feeling stronger and more confident each week.

By the end of our time together I had not only been able to start driving and living on my own again, I had also been able to sleep soundly again without any sleep medications. My physical pain and discomfort started to fade away. I started to feel safe again and felt grounded and present in my body. The hyper-vigilant mind that plagued me gradually faded away. I remember writing out these goals when we first started our work together and thinking how intangible and impossible they felt to me. Not only did I accomplish all of these goals, I also was able to start working, increasing my income and doing my artwork again; such amazing and unexpected bonuses! Now I have this powerful healing tool that I can do daily to continue building upon this foundation and feeling empowered in my health and in my life.

I cannot express how truly grateful I am to Deanna for sharing her healing gifts with me and teaching me about the many wonders of EFT, and I know if I need more support in the future she’s the first person I will turn to for help. I highly recommend sessions with Deanna to anyone who may be struggling with mental and emotional health challenges and anyone who is ready to experience powerful, positive change in their life!
~ E.B.

Deanna M. Rasch
Itinerant Creative Content & Coaching LLC