Gillian Forrester Coaching Services

Practitioner Name:
  • Level 2 (cEFT2)
Session Type:
  • Online

Gillian Forrester Coaching offers a unique coaching experience, empowering people to realise their goals and live their best lives.  I combine my experience as a successful educator and senior leader, and my work as an EFT practitioner, to help people navigate the challenges of management, business and leadership.  I help them to perform better in their work, making better decisions and feeling more confident and competent.

I help professional men and women to move forward with confidence in their careers.  Realising better performance and a better work life balance.

I specialise in providing transformational leadership coaching programmes, helping people gain clarity on why they don’t seem to be able to move forward with their goals or gain that elusive promotion.  I help them to realise their ambitions, removing limiting beliefs and the self-doubt holding people back from moving forward with confidence.

I help people to easily navigate the path of modern day leadership, management or business.   I work with both emerging and experienced managers and senior leaders, and ordinary people who perhaps have lost their way, and need someone to get them back onto the path of success and peace.

People who just want to feel content and happy in their lives.  People who want to address the emotions holding them back.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety & Stress Relief
  • Emotional Distress
  • Finance / Abundance
  • Guilt
  • Life Purpose
  • Peak Performance
  • Procrastination
  • Public Speaking
  • School / Test Taking
  • Self-Esteem

Additional Certifications & Training

  • Law of Attraction Training
  • Life Coaching